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Welcome to the InfinityChess Forum.

PLAYING SERVER STATUS: 10/12/16 Running as of 13:15 ST

If the server is down please check the chat section above to the right on this forum for latest news.

UPDATE: 12th April 2016 Version download direct from

Latest global announcements

Ultimate Challenge Tour 2017


Ultimate Challenge Tour 2017
We proudly announce a super strong Open Tournament for eyerone
on our internet chess server from April 21 til May 20, 2017.
It's a Swiss tournament with a total prize money of 20'000 USD.
- 22 Rounds
- 90m + 30s time control
- Playing mode: computer or centaur
- Match days: all except from Monday and Thursday
- Start fee: free for our regular users, all others: 50 USD
- 1st Prize 6'000 USD
- Fair play bonus of 100 USD
Please find all tournament details at the RULES section (menu "Tournaments". HERE
If not yet done, download our graphical interface, start gaming and gain experience.
Contact address: info[at]

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Infinity Chess Release Document
Version : (
Release Date : 12th April 2016

New Features
[ICC-101] All Correspondence game should be able to Watch for all but with 5 moves delay.
[ICC-152] A knight rank user can chat to all and to on room through game window.
[ICC-155] Game tab sections should be resizable.
[ICC-167] Filter games by Engine evlas in database.
[ICC-180] In game window chat for users make an option Send to admins.
[ICC-193] Short cut for making green/Red/Black moves in bix book.
⦁ Insert button on keyboard would be a shortcut of making green move.
⦁ Delete button on keyboard would be a shortcut of making Red move.
⦁ Pause button on keyboard would be a shortcut of making Black move.
Multi PV in Engine Analysis.

[ICC-22] Open forms on client application should be close Automatically when a new game start.
[ICC-153] Resign Reason Should Save with game in database.
[ICC-169] Refactor Correspondence Game list control
[ICC-172] Increased the Applause limit from 5 to 15 per day for Knight or Greater Rank user.
⦁ Pawn = 5
⦁ Knight = 8
⦁ Bishop = 12
⦁ Rook = 15
⦁ Queen & King = Unlimited
[ICC-192] Update client interface according to new polyglot
[ICC-202] Update the Top Rating list procedure.

InfinityChess Tournaments

Below is just a guide, Tournament formats may change and start times may change .
Weekly Engine Tournaments
Monday Rapid 16:00ST swiss
Tuesday Rapid 16:00ST swiss
Wednesday Rapid NOW 16:00ST swiss
Thursday Rapid 16:00ST swiss
Friday various time formats 16:00ST
Saturday Rapid 16:00ST swiss
Sunday Various 16:00ST swiss if nothing announced during the week.
Also later in the evenings either swiss/round robin/team with either blitz or rapid time controls when a TD is available.

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All-time Engine Masters Table after 26 tours

UPDATED 13/03/2017
Table II




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